The team behind ToTheWonder keeps growing!

Meet my Collaborators

The team behind ToTheWonder keeps growing! 

Álvaro Cubero

Wildlife photographer, naturalist guide and international speaker. Graduated from the Costa Rican National Institute of Biodiversity. Uses photography as a weapon of conservation and shows others the natural wonders of this world. Has collaborated with National Geographic in their blog Wild Bird Trust, and has been among the 5 finalists of the Smithsonian Institute photography contest. He has also participated as TEDx Speaker in Costa Rica. Now devotes his time to instruct new photographers in the art of wildlife photography with ToTheWonder® Workshops.

Adrián Zamora

Energetic sports and adventure lover. Part time gymnast, full time photographer, vlogger and graphic designer from Costa Rica. Executive Assistant for ToTheWonder® and photography guide for ToTheWonder® Workshops. Adrián loves to share his thoughts and adventures through photography, and his life motto is living one day at a time.

Josemaría Cantillo

Passionate about astronomy, photography, traveling and soccer. With a great love for night photography, electric storms and active volcanoes. Mathematician and physicist graduated from the United States with a soccer scholarship. Later on he continued his studies in New Zealand but this time in agronomy. He stayed in El Salvador and Guatemala for a few years, allowing him to travel many miles through Central America, unveiling jewels he never thought to find that close to home. Recently he returned to Costa Rica to work with a company in the agricultural industry, nevertheless he dedicates part of his time to organize photography tours in Guatemala. His dream is to discover new paradises in other parts of the world and to allow others, through photography, to be amazed with what this planet has to offer.

ToTheWonder® is the biggest adventure and nature photography blog and photo tour operator in Central America. Based in Costa Rica with an international approach, leading photography workshops worldwide. Founded by Luis Solano Pochet, renowned Costa Rican landscape photographer.
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