October 2018

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Welcome to the Intensive Wildlife Photography Workshop in Madagascar, Africa. Designed for the nature lovers who desire to explore and capture the island’s endemic and unique biodiversity, learning the best techniques for wildlife photography. For those seeking to take their skills to the next level.For adventurers eager to explore the world and its most exotic locations.

Madagascar is a natural paradise located in the Indian Ocean, facing Eastern Africa’s coast. It’s the fourth largest island of the world and it separated from India and continental Africa 88 million years ago, resulting in a separate evolutionary process due to its segregated ecosystem. This isolation made Madagascar one of the places with more biodiversity in the world and it also created a biological community made up of mainly endemic species.

Spring is the ideal moment to photograph Madagascar’s wildlife, given the temperatures rise enough for lemurs to have their offspring. We’ll be able to photograph the lemur mothers with the little babies on their backs. The chameleons come out of hibernation and the forest fills with life, harbouring within mammals, reptiles and amphibians as the first signals of the upcoming summer start to appear.

The main focus of the workshop will be wildlife photography, which is why we’ll be constant in our search for the best light to capture the Malagasy animals, so prepare yourself for long days pursuing sunrises, sunsets and rare creatures.

The exotic scenery of the fourth largest island in the world will be our home for 14 days.

Explore Madagascar with us and live through a very different experience.

Come and join the adventure!



ITINERARY:13 Nights / 14 Days

October 19th to November 1st, 2018


We’ll fly to Ivato International Airport (TNR) in Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, where our adventure begins. We’ll take our private transport to the center of the city where we’ll be accommodated during our first night in one of the most luxurious hotels in Antananarivo.

This hotel will serve as our headquarters and parting point of our expeditions. We’ll mark the start of the workshop with an introductory talk.

Accommodation: Antananarivo

DAY 2-4

During these days, we’ll visit the Nest of Dreams, a natural tropical reserve composed of several islands in Madagascar’s paradisiacal East Coast. We’ll explore its natural richness and we’ll have the opportunity of photographing the different lemur species in the zone, among them the magnificent Indri, the biggest lemur in the world that will charm us with its singing.

We’ll also have the opportunity to observe and photograph one of the rarest species in the world, the Aye Aye, a nocturnal lemur that had an evolutionary process that resulted in it having very distinct characteristics, which we’ll be able to appreciate up close in its natural habitat.

Accommodation: Palmarium

ToTheWonder Workshops Talleres Fotografía Photography Costa Rica Madagascar Landscape Wildlife

ToTheWonder Workshops Talleres Fotografía Photography Costa Rica Madagascar Landscape Wildlife


We’ll take our ferry back to the coast and return for one night to Madagascar’s capital, making it easier for us to take our flight to our next destination.

Accommodation: Antananarivo

DAY 5-7

We’ll fly towards Madagascar’s southern coast and we’ll undertake the adventure to the most distant place we’ll visit throughout the expedition: Berenty Reserve. Home to the famous Sifaka, the dancing lemurs, as well as the iconic Ring Tailed Lemur, who met fame by being King Julien’s species in the animated movie “Madagascar”.

This location is a photographic paradise where we will not only photograph these impressive lemurs but also all of the biodiversity of the thorny dry forest of the zone, including some of the nocturnal lemurs, such as the Rat Lemur, the Sportive Lemur, some owls species and reptiles.

Accommodation: Berenty


We’ll take our flight back to the capital where we’ll spend a night to leave next day to a new location and adventure.

Accommodation: Antananarivo

DAY 8-10

We’ll fly to Madagascar’s West Coast, to the village of Morondava. Here we’ll explore the dry forest and we’ll photograph the legendary Baobabs, the iconic tree of the island. The Baobabs represent the Mother of the Forest and are a symbol of conservation given they withstand fire and are considered sacred by the locals. We’ll have sunrise, sunset and night sessions among the trees.

In this location we’ll be able to dedicate plenty of time getting to know and photographing the people and their culture, managing incredible portraits of the locals and their day to day tasks. An experience that without a doubt will mark and change us.

Accommodation: Morondava

DAY 10

We’ll take our flight back to the capital where we’ll spend a night to leave next day to a new location and adventure.

 Accommodation: Antananarivo

DAY 11-13

We’ll travel again to Eastern Madagascar, but this time to explore the spectacular Andasibe National Park and its surroundings in the tropical forest of the highlands. A natural paradise where we’ll be able to appreciate yet again the biggest lemurs in the world, the Indri jumping freely around the forest, making us fall in love with its magnificent singing.

We’ll also use plenty of time to learn and practice macro photography and illumination techniques with the endemic reptiles like the chameleons, geckos and snakes. A unique experience of meeting face to face some animals that are in the greatest danger of extinction in the world.

 Accommodation: Andasibe

DAY 13-14

We’ll travel back to the capital where we’ll spend one night before we leave next day to the international airport. Thursday November 1st will be our last day in the paradisiac African island in the Indian Ocean. We’ll take our international flights back to our respective homes, having concluded one of the most exotic and enriching experiences, carrying with us thousands of pictures and incredible moments to always remember.

 Accommodation: Antananarivo



  • The workshop is designed for photographers of all levels.
  • Must know and manage basic concepts of manual photography (aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, focal range).
  • It’s compulsory to acquire a travel insurance in case of emergency or illness. We’ll request the insurance information as we get closer to the date of the tour.
Photographic Equipment:
  1. Digital camera with interchangeable lenses (DSLR or Mirrorless)
  2. Wide angle lens for landscape photography with F2.8 aperture or brighter.
  3. Telephoto zoom lens: 100-400mm, 150-600mm, 200-500mm are highly recommended given they permit greater flexibility, especially when animals get closer or farther away. The telephoto is the lens we’ll use the most throughout the tour.
  4. Macro lens: 100mm, 90mm, or similar. We’ll use it a lot throughout all of the expedition for reptiles and amphibians, such as chameleons, geckos and frogs.
  5. Speedlite external flash with a wireless flash controller and diffuser light softbox of at least 13×8 inches.
  6. Strong and stable tripod
  7. Solid and gradual neutral density filters for landscape photography
  8. At least 3 batteries for the camera.
  9. Multiple memory cards
  10. Brush and dust blower for the camera and lenses
Clothing and Accessories:
  1. Clothing for heat
    • Long-sleeved shirts
    • Long pants
    • Hiking boots at all times
    • Hat or cap
  2. Accessories:
    • Headlamp and hand torch
    • Sunglasses
    • Microfibre cloths
    • A powerstrip with international power plugs



Costa Rican photographer, blogger, speaker and expert traveler. Founder and Director of ToTheWonder®, the adventure photography blog and the most important photography tour operator in Costa Rica and Central America. Brand ambassador in his country for Patagonia, Petzl, La Sportiva, Sea To Summit and Trangoworld. He leads international photography workshops with the educational programme ToTheWonder Workshops, based in Costa Rica. Luis is known for capturing the spectacular landscapes of the world with an original emotional approach.

Photography is his passion and the pictures he takes become tangible trophies of his life experiences. They’re a glimpse to that moment in time, charged with emotions and with the power to evoke the feelings he had when taking them. It’s his way of owning and sharing some of the spectacular world we live in.


Wildlife photographer and naturalist guide graduated from the National Institute of Biodiversity of Costa Rica. He uses photography as a conservation tool. National Geographic collaborator in their blog Wild Bird Trust and one of the 5 finalists in the Smithsonian Institute photography competition. He has been a TEDx Speaker in Costa Rica and has been an international exhibitor. He now dedicates some of his time teaching new photographers the art of photography and he is the Leader of Wildlife Photography of ToTheWonder®.

His greatest goal is, without a doubt, to interlink the art of photography with conservation, and through this, help people gain consciousness when being struck by the emotional impact that his photographs emanate. The adventure is just beginning!


Date: October 19th – November 1st 2018: 13 nights and 14 days

Spots 10 • Available 2


The spot is reserved with the deposit of: $2,000 USD non-refundable.

The remaining $5,500 USD must be paid before August 1st, 2018.
Partial payments may be done at the participant’s convenience.

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Send us an email with your request and we’ll help you: tothewonder@exitotravel.com

Come and join the adventure!

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Welcome to the ToTheWonder Explorers family!


Workshop participants share their experiences:

 Luisana Velasco Zeledón

“There are no words to describe this wonderful trip! Luis’s and Alvaro’s professionality. The warm friendship between all of us made this new experience something very hard to forget. The friendship that was born from this trip is something we need to nurture! We didn’t only learn, we also had a great time. That thrill and excitement we felt with the first aurora and the music that made us cry when seeing it. Thanks for so much!”

Elke Heinrich Bettoni

“This week I’ve lived a dream and I’ve shared it with a group of people that proved to be so nice, so funny and so great travel partners that I’m already sad about our adventure ending. Together in our bus, we’ve traveled hundreds and hundreds of kilometers, getting to know the most spectacular landscapes, in the search for the best locations, the best light, the most beautiful photographs, and we had the blessing of seeing our dreamed auroras. We’ve eaten deliciously and enjoyed so much. I would repeat this experience a thousand times more! Thank you Luis, for this wonderful week! Thank you Alvaro, and thank you my travel partner friends. I carry with me memories that will accompany me all my life as well as very pretty pictures.”

Yelena Pegova

“We’ve traveled to Iceland and Norway with this company and it went VERY well! Wonderful trip, impeccable organisation, guides with deep photographical knowledge and great disposition to teach. Also, very enthusiastic! 100% recommended.”

Rebecca Quirós

“This was my first time participating in an International Photography Workshop and I’m certain it won’t be the last time. Thank you ToTheWonder, for making this a unique and gratifying experience. Thanks to you we managed to capture the right moments in the optimal conditions, always in the search for the magical moment. Simply spectacular!”

 Adrián Goldgewicht

“I’ve taken plenty of workshops with Luis and Alvaro, and I highly recommend them! It’s not the same to sit in a classroom to learn about photography, and to travel with photographers like them to take photographs, learn techniques, tricks and spend time with other photographers. Also, contrasting many other teachers, Luis and Alvaro don’t event take photographs during the trips, they are completely dedicated to supporting the participants. They’re always available. Highly recommended workshops!”

Victor Alvarado Alfaro

“Participating in the workshops with Luis and Alvaro it’s not only excellent to refresh and learn landscape and wildlife photography concepts, but it also provides the possibility to spend time with nature lovers and to admire the beauties of our country. I’m already eager to participate in the next workshop!”

Mónica Carballo

“Meeting Luis and Alvaro was a dream come true, and realising that beyond being great photographers they’re also super friendly, pleasant and excellent when sharing their knowledge, made me love photography even more and lead me to strive to eventually become at least a fraction of what they are, they’re my role models and I deeply admire them, and here I’ll remain, trying to go to as many tours as I can with you, thank you very much!”

David Altamirano

“Teachers with such a mixture of professionalism and passion couldn’t have had a result other than creating in me an incredible desire to delve deeper and deeper into this world. With ToTheWonder Workshops, you’ll see positive results of your investment, given that with the knowledge learned you’ll be able to imbibe in a photograph unique moments but in a better way.”


Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Refunds Policy

In case the participant cannot attend the workshop and cancels his participation, refunds will be handled the following way:

  • The reservation deposit of $2000 USD is non refundable.
  • Participation cancellation more than 60 days before the start of the workshop: you will be refunded 100% of the total amount paid to the date minus a $30 USD service charge and minus the non refundable reservation deposit.
  • Participation cancellation less than 60 days before the start of the workshop: no refund will be granted.

In case of an inconvenient beyond our control (climatic, mechanical, accident or illness) that inhibits the workshop from taking place:

ToTheWonder Workshops will negotiate directly with the participant to programme an alternative date or otherwise a refund of the investment will be handled the following way:/span>

  • 100% of the total investment if the workshop didn’t take place


1. Accidents:

1.A. ToTheWonder Workshops doesn’t take responsibility for accidents involving a workshop participant and it won’t cover medical expenses in case they’re needed. During the workshop, each participant is responsible for his safety and physical integrity.

1.B. ToTheWonder Workshops doesn’t take responsibility for accidents or loss of photographic equipment. During the workshop, each participant is responsible for his photographic equipment.

2. Punctuality:

2.A. The Workshop starts on a specific date and in a timely manner. All participants must be in Windhoek, Namibia for the start date of the workshop. In case of delay due to inconvenients, the participant must communicate with Luis Solano Pochet beforehand and as soon as possible.

3. Respect:

3.A. Respect and patience are the foundations for a successful workshop. Participants may be in different levels of knowledge about the subject, which is why patience is required when topics that are already in your dominion are explained. Each participant’s photographing area must be respected. Disrespect from a participant towards another member of the workshop or staff won’t be tolerated.

4. Weather:

4.A.The tour and its itinerary depends on the weather and it may change from one moment to the next. We’ll always be in constant monitoring of the weather in order to determine where to go and to optimize the taking of photographs.

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