Pantanal. Nestled in the heart of South America, deep in the jungles of Brazil, has a story to tell. One with filled with magic and a river.

A story of survival

Meandering through the dense forest, Cuiabá river gives way to one of the most wonderful wildlife sightings of the tropical forests of America.

Behind the thick vegetation, a shadow moves and watches carefully, quickly fading in the forest.

Jaguars, the biggest ones in the world roam this land, deadly with their perfect camouflage. These are not regular cats, these are caiman-eating cats.

Pantanal is known worldwide for its lush biodiversity. There’s the giant anteater but don’t be fooled by its peaceful grace, packing deadly claws it can put on a fight against its much bigger rivals. The Capybara, the biggest rodent in the world has developed a swim so efficient that it’s a hard prey for the Jaguar. The giant otter, nicknamed the “siren of the Amazon”, its long tail makes it a powerful, agile swimmer and a successful predator that can devour its hunt in seconds. The forest is a true birding paradise, with icons like the toucan toco, hyacinth macaws, the rhea and the always elegant Jabirú. A land of plenty.

But the jaguar reigns. Pantanal has the highest concentration in the world. They roam the borders and cliffs of the river in search for their preferred meal: caimans. Unlike the American Crocodile, these much smaller reptiles are peaceful here in the Pantanal, and jaguars have developed a precise technic to hunt them down. Having the most powerful jaw in the world definitely helps, but here they also have a particular characteristic, their teeth have become shorter and rounder, this way they don’t break as easily when attacking the caimans. They observe from above, quietly, steady, when the moment is right, the Jaguar will plunge into the water on top of the caiman and take him down.

It’s a gift to see them so closely, to feel their presence and soul. Mythical, powerful creatures venerated by our ancestors long ago.

The king of the jungle rules the tropics of America.

Ever elusive.
Ever in hiding.

Luis Solano Pochet 
CEO & Fotógrafo Fundador



Let me take you on a trip through Pantanal in Brazil

What gear do I use?

We are a curious group and we like to know what equipment other photographers are using, don’t we?


Sony Alpha A7R III

Sony Alpha A6500


Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM

Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS

Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art


LEE 4×4″ Little Stopper 1.8 ND

LEE 4×4″ Big Stopper 3.0 ND

LEE NDG 4×6″ 0.9 Soft Edge

LEE NDG 4×6″ 1.2 Soft Edge


 MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber Tripod

F-STOP Tilopa Anthracite Backpack

 Sony 128GB UHS-II SDXC Memory Cards

 Vello ShutterBoss II Timer Remote

 Really Right Stuff L-Plate

Welcome to the reign of the Jaguar


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This post is dedicated to my friend Ailton.
Protector of the jaguars and master of the swamp.

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