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Welcome to the Landscape and Wildlife Photography Workshop in Costa Rica. Designed for nature lovers, its powerful remote landscapes and biodiversity. All those looking to take their photography to the next level. Adventurers eager to explore the world and its most dramatic locations.


Our land holds 5% of the world’s biodiversity in a tiny package. Two oceans bathe the country, the Pacific and the Caribbean. Costa Rica sits atop of the list as one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world and it’s no wonder that is often referred to as “the living Eden” by many scientists and naturalists from all across the globe. Making it the ultimate destination for nature photographers eager to capture the most exquisite tropical treasures.

This workshop is designed as a space to photograph and learn about different species of Costa Rican fauna. We will be able to photograph them and be face to face with the spectacular neotropical wildlife. We will learn wildlife photography techniques. We will also have the opportunity to photograph iconic places such as the majestic Arenal Volcano, as well as different landscapes characteristic of our country and where we will have the opportunity to put into practice different techniques of landscape photography.

Nature photography is a difficult and very demanding art. We do not control our subject. It requires effort, patience and a lot of practice. Photographing constantly under the unpredictable conditions of the weather and
the animals will give you the skills to become an excellent nature photographer.

This paradise will be your home for 12 days.

Live a different experience and explore with us Costa Rica.

Come and join the adventure!


ITINERARY: 11 Nights

June 9 – 20, 2020

Expedition Route:


We will start our tour in the capital of Costa Rica, San José. With a fantastic dinner high above the Escazú mountains and overlooking the Central Valley. We will discuss our adventure ahead and get you prepared for all the epic locations coming our way. The following day we will start our journey to the North Caribbean.

 Accommodation: San José

DAY 2 – 4

Icon of the Costa Rican landscapes, the majestic Arenal volcano overlooks the rich tropical forests of San Carlos. Admiring the volcano on a clear day is always impressive and captivating. We will be exploring different sides of Arenal, its surrounding lake, and the iconic La Fortuna waterfall. There’s a lot of optional adventure activities like canopy zip-lines, hanging bridges and boat rides to capture the stunning vistas from lots of different angles.

 Accommodation: La Fortuna

DAY 4 – 6 

Welcome to the territory of the powerful Vulture King. Venerated as a god in the mayan culture, its size and stunning colors makes it a fantastic subject to photograph. We will spend two nights amongst the virgin tropical rainforest photographing the countless different species of birds, reptiles and mammals, including the toucans, oropendolas, macaws, parrots, tanagers, caimans, snakes and bats.

Accommodation: Boca Tapada

DAY 6 – 7 

Continuing our exploration of the northern Caribbean, Sarapiquí is home to some of the most wonderful and endemic species of frogs. You will be able to photograph the iconic Red Eyed Tree Frog as well as the Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frog, Green and Black Poison Dart Frog, Splendid Leaf Frog and many Crystal Frogs that characterize our wildlife. We will make use of the macro techniques and lighting to capture the intricate details of the jewels of the rainforest.

Accommodation: Sarapiquí

DAY 7 – 9

We will spend two days exploring the land of the Resplendent Quetzal. Considered a divine entity and venerated by the Mayan and Aztec cultures as the “Feathered Snake God”, this splendid bird was a symbol of freedom and wealth. Costa Rica has the largest amount of Quetzals per kilometer squared in the world. Making our country the ultimate location to photograph them.

We will also spend time searching and photographing the endemic species of birds that live in the highest elevations, like the hummingbirds. We will make use of natural lighting but also learn and practice with multi flash set ups to capture the high speed movement and iridescent feathers of the hummingbirds.In Cerro Buenavista, landscape photography is a must and we’ll chase an epic sunset above the clouds as well as the countless stars visible at this high elevation away from any source of light pollution.

Accommodation: Cerro Buenavista

DAY 9 – 11 

The following day will be spent in the region of Dominical. We will visit the rocky secluded beaches as well as the Marine National Park Bahía Ballena where we’ll take a boat tour of the coast in search of dolphins, humpback whales and turtles. We will also explore the impressive Nauyaca waterfalls hidden deep inside the rainforest mountains of the South Pacific.

After our early breakfast we will head towards Nauyaca Waterfalls where we will take small car ride to entrance of the waterfall. We will head back to have lunch at our hotel and head towards the town of Orotina where we will have a free afternoon and the option of doing some photo editing.

Accommodation: Dominical

DAY 11 – 12 

The next day we will start very early in the morning photographing some birds in the area, after lunch we will head towards the Tárcoles River where we will take a boat tour to photograph the wild fauna we can find in it.

The last day we will take our flights back home! With our memory cards full of great images of the exuberant wildlife and landscapes of Costa Rica and lots of memories of our time exploring this tropical paradise.

 Accommodation: Orotina




Costa Rican Photographer, Advertising Designer, Blogger, TEDx Speaker, Adventurer and Dreamer. Luis is the Founder and Director of ToTheWonder®, the most important adventure photography blog and tour operator in Central America. Sony Alpha Ambassador for Latin America as well as brand ambassador for Patagonia, Petzl, La Sportiva, Sea to Summit and Trangoworld in Costa Rica. He currently leads International Photographic Expeditions and Workshops through the educational program ToTheWonder Workshops.

His work has been published in prominent media such as National Geographic en Español, TEDx, La Nación, Teletica, Repretel, CRHoy, El Financiero, The Tico Times, La República, Domus, Summa, ¡HOLA!, Traffic Mag, Matador Network, Passion Passport, Beautiful Destinations, among others. Luis is recognized for documenting the spectacular landscapes of the world in an artistic, emotional and original way. For him the photos of the places he visits become tangible trophies of lived experiences. It is his way of sharing a little of this spectacular planet and keeping it forever.

ToTheWonder Workshop Photography Photo Tour Luis Solano Pochet

ToTheWonder Adrian Zamora Workshops Guide Photographer Fotógrafo Costa Rica


Costa Rican advertising designer and photographer. Adventure, sports and nature lover. Executive Assistant for ToTheWonder®, the most important adventure photography blog and tour operator in Central America. Adrián has been a Photographic Guide for ToTheWonder Workshops since its very beginning.

“-Photography is the best tool to preserve moments that mark our lives”. For this reason his philosophy of life can be summed up in living one day at a time. His passion for photography has focused on acquiring and sharing knowledge, and showing the wonderful world of photography to all those who want to be part of the great Explorers of Wonder community.


June 9-20, 2020
AVAILABLE SPOTS:  8 out of 12


Space is reserved with a non-refundable $1100 USD deposit.
The reservation deposit can be made in two instalments*.

First partial payment: $1,265.5 due by January 25, 2020
Final Payment: $1,265.5 due by March 25, 2020
Payments can be made in instalments at the convenience of the participant.

Come join the adventure!

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Workshop participants share their experiences:

 Luisana Velasco Zeledón

“There are no words to describe this wonderful trip! Luis’s and Alvaro’s professionality. The warm friendship between all of us made this new experience something very hard to forget. The friendship that was born from this trip is something we need to nurture! We didn’t only learn, we also had a great time. That thrill and excitement we felt with the first aurora and the music that made us cry when seeing it. Thanks for so much!.”

Lizette Moretti

“A childhood dream come true… traveling to Africa to see the animals in their natural habitat and even better photograping them! This workshop also gave us the opportunity to spend an afternoon with an indigenous tribe, discover the cave paintings of White Lady and learn about the life and beliefs of their ancestors. We entered the dunes where a magical landscape enveloped us and traveled to whimsical rock formations where the Milky Way gave us a spectacle. Every day a new adventure that was engraved in my heart and my mind, thanks to To The Wonder for the knowledge acquired!”

Yelena Pegova

“We’ve traveled to Iceland and Norway with this company and it went VERY well! Wonderful trip, impeccable organisation, guides with deep photographical knowledge and great disposition to teach. Also, very enthusiastic! 100% recommended.””

Rebecca Quirós

“This was my first time participating in an International Photography Workshop and I’m certain it won’t be the last time. Thank you ToTheWonder, for making this a unique and gratifying experience. Thanks to you we managed to capture the right moments in the optimal conditions, always in the search for the magical moment. Simply spectacular!”

Mirtha Barrera Del Valle

“I have to say, this has been the best experience of my life. Nothing was random, place, day and exact time to make the best pictures of the Milky Way. Freezing dawns and spectacular sunsets in search of the best light. Long waits to take the best angle, the unexpected movement and get that photo dreamed by all of us. Luis and Adrian, you managed to lead this group of photographers and dreamers with the best attitude and knowledge for everything to be perfect, unforgettable moments, unrepeatable experiences and friends forever. Thanks ToTheWonder!”

Mónica Carballo

“Meeting Luis and Alvaro was a dream come true, and realising that beyond being great photographers they’re also super friendly, pleasant and excellent when sharing their knowledge, made me love photography even more and lead me to strive to eventually become at least a fraction of what they are, they’re my role models and I deeply admire them, and here I’ll remain, trying to go to as many tours as I can with you, thank you very much!”

David Altamirano

“Teachers with such a mixture of professionalism and passion couldn’t have had a result other than creating in me an incredible desire to delve deeper and deeper into this world. With ToTheWonder Workshops, you’ll see positive results of your investment, given that with the knowledge learned you’ll be able to imbibe in a photograph unique moments but in a better way.”


Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy

First payment 30%:

• The reservation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another workshop.
• It should be done as soon as possible to block your field on the expedition.
• No fields will be reserved without deposit.

Second payment 35%:

• 4 months before the workshop start date

Third payment 35%:

• 2 months before the workshop start date
• Last payment to pay the total amount

Cancellation Policy

Nobody wants to miss the trip! But things happen and in case you can’t participate in the workshop and cancel your participation, refunds will be handled as follows:

• More than 4 months prior to the start of the workshop: 100% of the amount paid to date will be refunded.
• Less than 4 months before the start of the workshop: 50% of the amount paid to date will be refunded
• Less than 2 months before the start of the workshop: no refunds will be made
• The reservation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another workshop in any of the scenarios.

In case of a major inconvenience (weather, mechanical, accident or illness) and the workshop cannot be held, ToTheWonder will negotiate directly with the participants to schedule an alternative date or the refund of the investment will be handled as follows:

• 100% of the total investment if the workshop did not take place


1. Accidents:

1.A. TheWonder Workshops doesn’t take responsibility for accidents involving a workshop participant and it won’t cover medical expenses in case they’re needed. During the workshop, each participant is responsible for his safety and physical integrity.

1.B. ToTheWonder Workshops doesn’t take responsibility for accidents or loss of photographic equipment. During the workshop, each participant is responsible for his photographic equipment.

2. Punctuality:

2.A. The Workshop starts on a specific date and in a timely manner. All participants must be in Windhoek, Namibia for the start date of the workshop. In case of delay due to an inconvenient, the participant must communicate with a ToTheWonder representative beforehand and as soon as possible.

3. Respect:

3.A. Respect and patience are the foundations for a successful workshop. Participants may be in different levels of knowledge about the subject, which is why patience is required when topics that are already in your dominion are explained. Each participant’s photographing area must be respected. Disrespect from a participant towards another member of the workshop or staff won’t be tolerated.

4. Weather:

4.A. The tour and its itinerary depends on the weather and it may change from one moment to the next. We’ll always be in constant monitoring of the weather in order to determine where to go and to optimize the taking of photographs.

ToTheWonder® is the biggest adventure and nature photography blog and photo tour operator in Central America. Based in Costa Rica with an international approach, leading photography workshops worldwide. Founded by Luis Solano Pochet, renowned Costa Rican landscape photographer.
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