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UHURU Outdoors Costa Rica Adventure

Define your freedom

Outdoor gear store, mountaineering, trail running, climbing, and camping. Our name means “freedom” in Swahili and comes from the highest peak of Kilimanjaro, also representing the national independence of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

For us, it is the extrapolation of this concept into our world, our reality and our borders. To be participants and catalysts of a positive change that opens the door to a new concept of products and outdoors activities.

We’re not here to sell, but to generate stories and experiences for each one of you. We are UHURU Outdoors, lovers of freedom.

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The Alpha Universe’s mission is to be the most engaging platform for visual content creators to empower them to reach their full potential through education, inspiration and innovation.

This universe is for the creators. When you bring your curiosity to bear, they will provide you with the knowledge, inspiration and state-of-the-art images to help you realize your dreams.

Sony is an innovative brand in the world of photography which is dominating the photographic universe through the mirrorless technology.

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Imax de Costa Rica is an authorized dstributor in Costa Rica for the brand CANON in the divisions of EOS, Information Technology Consumer Group and SOHO. Imax also represents the SONY brand in the photography division, Genius Technology Accessories and other brands of technology accessories and photography.

Imax specialize in comprehensive solutions and provide a 360-degree experience. It has a highly qualified work team to serve its customers in the best way and help them find the ideal product for each of them.

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Patagonia Gear Outdoors Clothing

Patagonia grew from a small company that manufactured climbing gear. Now, as multinational corporation, mountaineering remains at the heart of the company. Patagonia manufactures climbing clothing as well as for rowing, walking, exploring, surfing, fishing and mountain running.

All silent sports, with no engine required and seeking no reward by standing ovations. In each one of these sports, the reward comes in the form of moments of connection with nature.

They take pride in manufacturing products of the highest quality at your fingertips, always seeking to cause the least possible environmental impact. They make constant efforts to implement solutions to help solve the environmental crisis and inspire other companies and their customers to do the same.


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Petzl Outdoors Gear Climbing Headlamps

French family business, Petzl has about 80 years of experience inventing products and providing solutions that allow vertical sports enthusiasts and professionals to access the most inaccessible places, both day and night. Petzl manufactures products for high-end outdoor activities like trail running, climbing, canyoning, caving, climbing, via ferrata and climbing.

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La Sportiva Outdoor Gear Mountain Alpine

Design produced by artisans in Ziano di Fiemme, a small Italian mountain village at the foot of the Dolomites. La Sportiva shoes supports more than 140 families in a unique and stunning setting. With an enviable view of innovation, a great respect for the environment, coupled with its extensive knowledge of shoemaking, this family business has provided for more than 8 decades the most striking shoes of the market. Products that allow us to go where we dream to go, do what we dream to do and live as we wish.

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TrangoWorld Outdoor Gear Clothing

The Trango Towers in the Karakorum massif are one of the most demanding mountains and climbing adventures you can undertake. Vertical walls of two kilometers of height, reaching seven thousand meters high. Technical expertise, physical preparation, logistics, is needed to face this challenge. Everything has to be prepared and should be ready to withstand the toughest tests.

Thus was born TrangoWorld, specialists in developing technical garments and high performance products for the world of mountain sports and adventure. The project was born more than two decades ago with the goal to provide adventure clothing of the highest performance to the tough ones out there, brave enough to endure the challenges ahead.


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Sea To Summit Outdoor Gear Mountain Kayak

In 1984 a small group of Australian adventurers decided to make a trip to Mount Everest, they established a new route on the north face of Everest. In 1990 Tim Macartney-Snape returns to conquer the summit, after climbing the mountain from sea level to the base camp, without oxygen or assistance reaches the world’s highest point, and appoints the expedition “Sea to Summit” .

Back in Australia, Tim joined forces with an old climber friend and together they decided to build a company where they could use their knowledge to create materials and ingenious products for outdoor activities. They decided to name the company Sea to Summit to honor the expedition Tim endured. Currently the company is engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing unique products with optimal solutions for outdoor activities.


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Eskalar Gimnasio Escalada Climbing Costa Rica

Indoor sport climbing gym, with practice rooms for bouldering and sport cimbing. Company dedicated to mountain sports with more than 10 years of experience in international competitions, rock climbing and high level training.

Backed by highly trained instructors certified to appropriate high level of planned methods and techniques and safety training for handling ropes, both inside the gym and out in the rock.

Eskalar is the only climbing gym registered with ICODER and the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica as a place suitable for the safe practice of sport, both at the level of basic construction standards, and European quality certifications in the equipment used (CE Certifications and UIAA). They also provide current information and have infrastructure and training advisers for canyoning training, vertical rescue, caving and work at great heights.


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